Across Heaven and Hell



It’s tragic to die young. But to be ripped away from the one you love for eternity? So unfair.

David fought to save Rachel from a fire, but the voice in his head betrayed him, and now they’re both dead. Reborn in Heaven with a perfect, adult body and cured of his autism, he’s heartbroken to discover she’s not there. Rachel must be in Hell. What could she have possibly done to deserve damnation?

Befriending a group of rule-breakers, David discovers powers as magnificent as they are lethal. Now he’s put them all in danger — from the both the unforgiving angels and some other, nefarious entity. David’s life on Earth was by no means normal. Unlocking the secret of who he truly is will be the difference between being reunited with Rachel, and a second death for them all. This time, for keeps.